Yule hayers

Tony Hayers on Knowing Me Knowing Yule

Tony Hayers was the director of programming at the BBC until his death in 1997, and was as a result frequently pestered by Alan to allow him to advance his career. He is Jewish.

Alan invited Hayers on to his radio show Knowing Me, Knowing You with the ulterior motive of convincing him to grant him a television show. After the disastrous viewing figures of the latter, Alan was given a final chance with the Christmas special Knowing Me, Knowing Yule, but ended up punching Hayers in the face with a turkey. Despite this assault and Alan's by turns obnoxious and fawning behaviour, Hayers invited him to dinner at the BBC restaurant to politely explain that his career at the corporation was over. Alan again attacked Hayers, this time with a block of cheese. To Alan's delight, Hayers died soon after while attempting to fix the TV aerial on his roof.