The Linton Travel Tavern is a hotel in the village of Linton, Cambridgeshire, which Alan Partridge lived in for 183 days in 1997. The Tavern is a dull and unattractive place, but Alan is impressed by its service, the views of the A11 from his room, and the "genius" of the hotel's location, equidistant between London and Norwich.

At the time of Alan's stay, the Tavern employed four staff members: Susan, the constantly-smiling manager, Sophie, a receptionist, and Ben and Michael, both employed in unspecified capacities but apparently as general handymen. Alan's hotel room was fairly spacious, containing a double bed, desk and ensuite bathroom with bath and shower, as well as a television with a wide variety of channels, including pornographic ones home to programmes such as Bangkok Chick Boys. The hotel offers an "all you can fit on a plate" deal at breakfast, which Alan exploits by bringing his own, larger plate.