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Alan had many guests on Knowing Me, Knowing You... with Alan Partridge and Knowing me Knowing Yule, and this is where you can read about them.

Keith HuntEdit

Keith Hunt was the second Guest on the first television episode of KMKYWAP. He was the new host of This is Your Life. Keith was surprised when Alan brought Keith’s son on to the show and revealed that it was Keith’s son’s birthday. However Keith had forgotten that it was his son’s birth day; a fact Alan repeatedly recalled thereafter, much to Hunt's irritation.

Sue LewisEdit

Sue Lewis is a show jumper who appeared in the first episode of KMKYWAP. During the show Alan got a horse and jump on to the stage and asked Sue to jump the jump on the horse. Sue then told Alan that she couldn’t as it would break the horse’s legs if the horse jumped on concrete. This irritated Alan immensely. Sue Lewis is probably the most boring guest to have appeared on KMKYWAP.

Shona McGoughEdit

Shona was the third guest on the first episode of KNMYWAP. Shona was the frontwoman of a Scottish punk band who preformed on KMKYWAP in the first episode. On the show Alan stupidly asked her “What has a Scotsman got under his Kilt.” Shona replied “His penis”.

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